WATCH: Florida’s capital city threatened by Hurricane Michael

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They are always on post. Tallahassee is also in the path of the storm. They could see hurricane-force winds and are worried about long-lasting power outages. Workers are racing to secure buildings and construction sites across Florida’s booming capital and Victor Oquendo is on the ground with more. Good morning, Victor. Reporter: Good morning, robin. Here in Tallahassee and throughout the storm zone they’ve actually lowered massive cranes like this one to protect them from the incoming — the powerful winds and also to protect the surrounding area here. The big concern, take a look, just beyond the crane. Florida’s capital is covered with trees. There is no doubt that when Michael comes through a lot of those trees will come down and bring power lines down with them and could look at projectiles. A lot of debris. Could be road closures and power outages for days, maybe even weeks, robin. What are they doing ahead of tie, the utility workers, I imagine pre-positioning? Reporter: Robin, they’ve already brought in more than 1,000 in out-of-state utility workers ahead of the storm to make sure they can get it back up and running once Michael roars through and learned their lesson after hurricane Hermine two years ago. It knocked out power to 75,000 customers and caused more than $5 million in gadge. It was a category 1. Michael is obviously much stronger than that. Yes, indeed, thank you very much, Victor.

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