WATCH: A decade-old video interview of O.J. Simpson emerges

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Transcript for A decade-old video interview of O.J. Simpson emerges

Now to the never before seen interview with O.J. Simpson. The murders of Nicole brown and Ron Goldman back in the headlines. Simpson, famously acquitted of their deaths. Giving a detailed, hypothetical account of how he would have done it. Here’s Jim Avila. Reporter: Tonight, a disturbing televised O.J. Simpson spectacle. It’s very difficult for me. Because it’s hypothetical. Reporter: A tale fox decided not to run in 2006 because of public controversy. Now airing, and branded as a hypothetical confession. I might have grabbed the knife. I do remember that portion. Reporter: Civil courts have held Simpson responsible for the deaths. In this clip, he seems to make light of the tumultuous relationship he had with his ex-wife. I would run into her, which they tried to say was stalking. Her and some friends were at an opening of a restaurant. I was there with 16 people. So I’m stalking you with my crew. Reporter: At his parole hearing that resulted in his release from prison, Simpson promised to stay low-key. I will be no problem. And I think I kept my word. I’ve done my time. Reporter: Tonight, o.j.’s attorney says he had nothing to do with this broadcast that was recorded 12 years ago. Tom? Jim, thank you. And there’s still much more

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