Video: Trump’s Medicare Op-Ed

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CNN’s Jake Tapper this week looks at some of the numerous false and misleading claims that President Trump made in an op-ed that ran under the president’s name in USA Today:

  • Trump falsely claimed that the Medicare for All Act would “take away benefits” from seniors. The plan calls for adding new benefits to Medicare coverage, including dental, vision and hearing aids, and eliminating deductibles. 
  • Trump wrote that he kept his promise to “protect coverage for patients with pre-existing conditions.” But he backed legislation to replace the Affordable Care Act that would have reduced protections for preexisting conditions. His administration also supports a lawsuit that it says would lead to the elimination of the ACA’s preexisting condition protections.
  • The president also boasted that because of his policies “we are now seeing health insurance premiums coming down.” Average premiums for benchmark plans on the ACA marketplace are expected to decrease next year, but experts told us most administration actions in the past two years have driven up premiums on the ACA marketplace. 

For more about these and other claims the president made in his op-ed, please see our item, “FactChecking Trump’s Medicare Op-Ed.” and CNN’s “State of the Union” started collaborating on fact-checking videos in September 2015. All of the videos can be found on

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