Uber is pushing a new gig-work bill as it desperately tries to avoid having to treat its drivers as employees.

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The ride-hailing company is reportedly open to creating a hybrid employment category that would guarantee paying employees above minimum wage and offer some benefits. Uber made the offer in a draft bill that has yet to be introduced in the California legislature, as an alternative to Assembly Bill 5, which is expected to pass this week. Assembly Bill 5 would require companies like Uber, Lyft and DoorDash to give drivers a minimum wage and unemployment benefits.

Uber’s bill says it would call workers “network drivers,” and guarantee weekly pay that’s at least 1.27 times the minimum wage in the city where they’re working. They’d also get 30 cents per mile for car expenses. The pay and mileage would be calculated from the time a driver accepts a ride or delivery until it’s complete, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.