“Small” dinosaur fossil discovered in Colo. could sell for $500,000

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Dinosaur skeleton found in Colorado is for sale

Dinosaur skeleton found in Colorado is for sale 00:33

A dinosaur fossil discovered in Colorado is going on sale next month in Paris. It was discovered in 2019 during roadwork on private land. 


The fossil could sell for close to $500,000, experts say.

Unlike huge dinosaur skeletons sold at previous auctions, the iguanodon stands just 4 feet high and measures nearly 10 feet long. 

“It’s a dinosaur for a living room,” auctioneer Alexandre Giquello said, according to Reuters.  


Experts believe the creature roamed the Earth more than 150 million years ago. 

In 2020, the same auction house, Giquello, sold an 11-foot high and 33-foot long dinosaur skeleton for 3 million euros, Reuters reported.

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