Mom whose baby was allegedly almost kidnapped now has weapons in home

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The new mother who was drugged with a cupcake, allegedly by a woman who tried to kidnap her three-week-old baby, says she still doesn’t feel safe in her own home.

“This is my house. She violated that, she violated my safety, tried to kidnap my daughter,” the victim, identified only as Elysia, said at a press conference Tuesday. “I don’t like being at home. I’m not sleeping. I’m not eating. I carry a machete, a knife and pepper spray in my house and in my car.”

Juliette Parker was arraigned Tuesday in Tacoma, Washington, where she was charged with second degree counts of both attempted kidnapping and assault. Parker pleaded “not guilty” to both counts before being led off to jail in handcuffs. She was being held on $150,000 bail.

Law enforcement officials said Parker came to the victim’s home three times posing as a baby photographer. The last time was on February 5, when she allegedly planned to drug Elysia and take her newborn.

According to prosecutors, Parker and her teenage daughter “pressured” the mother into eating a cupcake. “Her lips and face got numb, then she started feeling numbness in her legs and arms,” the prosecutors said.

Elysia said she then asked Parker and her daughter to leave.

Asked if they left right away, Elysia told CBS News correspondent David Begnaud, “Not right away, no. I had to ask her to leave multiple times.”

She then called 911. “My face is numb, like up to my cheek bones. And I’ve puked like five times now. And I don’t know if it’s an allergic reaction or if they drugged me with something,” she said on the call.

Elysia said the doctors told her that “her symptoms sounded like those associated with GHB, often referred to as the ‘date rape drug.'” In court documents, prosecutors say texts between Parker and an ex-boyfriend show her asking if he could get her the drug.

They also “talked about how they should get a kid from a homeless person and raise the child together,” and she told him “she would marry him on the spot if he found her a baby girl in the next five weeks.”

After Parker finally left, Elysia said her keys were missing.

More charges are possible against Parker, who unsuccessfully ran for mayor of Colorado Springs last year. Around a dozen or so other women have come forward with their own stories of interacting with Parker, according to law enforcement officials.

Her 16-year-old daughter was also arraigned Tuesday and pleaded not guilty to the same charges as her mother. She’s still awaiting a bail hearing.

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