Live Updates: CBS News projects Warnock wins; other race too close to call

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 Most Georgia voters (more than 7 in 10) are confident that the votes cast in this election will be counted accurately, but this number is down from the 84% who felt that way about the votes cast in November, early exit polls show, mostly due to a drop in confidence among Republican voters.

President Trump’s challenges to the presidential election results may be contributing to declining confidence in the vote count among Republican voters. And President-elect Joe Biden’s win in Georgia may have boosted Democrats’ confidence in an accurate vote count.

Republicans voting in this election are less likely to be “very” confident than Republicans who cast ballots in the November presidential election.  Just about 1 in 5 are “very” confident now compared to nearly half (46%) who felt that way in November.  About 7 in 10 Democrats voting in this election are very confident in the results being counted accurately now, compared to a quarter who felt that way in November.

On the 2020 presidential election, a majority of Georgia voters think the presidential election in their state was conducted fairly, but Republican voters stand apart from Democrats and independents on this.  About three-quarters of Republicans don’t think the presidential election in Georgia was conducted fairly.

So far, early exit polls show that self-identified Republicans are making up a similar share of the vote as they did in November. While many of them express some skepticism about the votes being counted accurately, at this point, they are making up a similar share of the electorate as they did in November.

The coronavirus pandemic and its economic impact continue to be on many voters’ minds. Voters in Georgia went to the polls with more than half (54%) saying they have experienced financial hardship due to the coronavirus pandemic.

As we’ve seen through the coronavirus pandemic, more Democrats voters are worried than Republican voters are about themselves or a family member getting the coronavirus. 

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