Kate Middleton’s mom could still be involved with Party Pieces, new owner says: ‘That’s up to her’

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Carole Middleton’s business is under new ownership – and they are hoping to do right by Kate Middleton’s mom.

On May 18, entrepreneur James Sinclair confirmed on his Instagram that he had purchased Carole’s business, Party Pieces, which she started in 1987. Sinclair recently spoke to FOX Business about his purchase and what is next for the company. 

“She built this business,” Sinclair shared of Carole. “She created this amazing brand. She created all these wonderful products. All the products that are created by Party Pieces, she signed off on the design of that, and it’s beautiful. She’s done an amazing job. And that’s a big responsibility for us to carry on our own, but we want to.”

Sinclair praised Carole, calling her “a very inspirational, entrepreneurial, kind [and] intelligent woman.”


As for if Carole will remain active in the company? Sinclair says that is up to her, acknowledging the 65-year-old’s “hectic” lifestyle. 

“I saw her yesterday and I said, ‘Carole whatever you want to do. If you want to be involved we’d absolutely love that,'” he said. “She cares about Party Pieces, but she’s also an amazing grandmother. And to our royal family, she’s part of that family. That’s a busy life. I should imagine that.”

Carole and her husband, Michael, are grandparents to Kate and Prince William’s children: Prince George, 9, Princess Charlotte, 8, and Prince Louis, 5. They are also grandparents to daughter Pippa’s children: Arthur, 4, and Grace, 2.

As per People magazine, Carole came up with the idea for Party Pieces while she was trying to plan for Kate’s 5th birthday party and realized the only decorations she could find were clown plates.

During an interview with Sheer Luxe in 2022, Carole explained everyone in her family had a role in the company, saying: “Catherine developed our first birthday and baby category.”

“It’s our honor to know that Kate worked at Party Pieces when she was younger,” Sinclair told FOX Business. “We’re very proud of her as a country. She’s an amazing role model for the whole country, and I think that’s because Carole was just such an amazing, inspirational, entrepreneurial woman.”

“It’s my job now and my business’ job to protect the brand and take it on for the next 35 years,” he added.

Sinclair added that the process of acquiring the company started three months ago when he received a call asking if he was interested in a new opportunity. He then spoke to Carole and said after that conversation, “it was clear that they needed some help.”

According to Sky News, Party Pieces was “severely impacted” by the 2020 coronavirus pandemic and suffered financial losses over the last financial year.


Through speaking with her, Sinclair said was clear that “she wants the business and the brand” to keep going, and thinks she will be happy with the direction they are taking.

“I started out as a kids magician and I built up a big chain of family entertainment centers… So my whole life is building brands that families love,” Sinclair, who also hosts the “Business Podcast,” said. “I started making teddy bears and children’s arts and crafts… and we’re going to create a sub-brand now called Crafty Pieces, which will be on Party Pieces’ website.”

“We’re going to grow the brand. We’re already selling, quite a bit in the United States, and that’s going to continue,” Sinclair explained. “We just sent a big order to ShopRite in the U.S. … and they want to do more with us, and we’re going to keep going in relationships with the U.S. and bring our British brand to the US of A.”


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