Here’s what Facebook will show when there’s a projected winner in the presidential race

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As states wrap up vote counting, Facebook is preparing to notify users of its apps as soon as a winner is projected.

The company said it will provide users of Facebook and Instagram with a notification at the top of their screens that says “A Presidential Winner Has Been Projected.” The notifications will provide users with accurate information and direct them to the company’s voting information center.

Here’s what those labels will look like:

Facebook will rely on the news outlet Reuters, the Associated Press, ABC News, CBS News, Fox News, NBC News and CNN to determine when a presidential winner has been projected, the company said.

Additionally, the company said it will place labels on candidates’ posts, providing users with accurate information about the outcome of the U.S. presidential election.

Here’s what those labels will look like:

The company on Thursday also said that it will limit the distribution of Live videos related to the election. This is part of a series of features that the company recent paused or limited in an effort to reduce the spread of misinformation across its services in relation to the U.S. election.

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