FBI takes GE employee into custody, investigation underway

General Electric says one of its employees has been arrested by federal agents at his upstate New York home.

Local media report that FBI agents took the man away in handcuffs Wednesday morning after executing a court-authorized warrant in Niskayuna (nihs-kee-YOO’-nuh), 10 miles (16 kilometers) northwest of Albany.

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The suburban town and neighboring city of Schenectady (skeh-NEHK’-ta-dee) are home to power and research operations of Boston-based GE.

Christopher Shigas, a GE spokesman, confirmed that the man taken into custody is a GE worker but declined to provide additional details about the employee, including his name.

A company statement implied that the investigation involves corporate espionage. The statement said GE has been cooperating with the FBI “for some time on this matter.”

The FBI’s Albany office says federal prosecutors expect to release more information later Wednesday.

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