John Roberts: The Boy Who Wants to be King

jason kraus

2020 has now arrived and for the Liberals (Communists) it appears their diatribe will continue. Same insanity different year. Ever a supporter of oppression, Yahoo was off and running with a story published by the New York Times, attempting to explain the thoughts and virtues of one Chief Justice John […]

Iran Blamed for US Embassy Attack in Iraq

jason kraus

by Daveda Gruber: On Tuesday, Iran has been accused of coordinating the attack at the U.S. embassy compound in Baghdad, Iraq and the accusation came directly from President Trump. Trump has promised to hold the regime “fully responsible.” In retaliation to U.S. airstrikes, Iraqi Shiite militia supporters allegedly smashed down […]

Talking to Liberals isn’t Working

FAN Editor

As a child the popular belief was that the discussion of sex, politics, and religion in mixed company was never to occur. This then morphed into all people have an opinion, and regardless of facts, their opinion was valid. Finally, the everyone gets a trophy parental generation taught their children […]