Baby Formula Shortage: What the FDA isn’t telling you

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UPDATED 9:22 AM PT – Friday, May 13, 2022

House Republicans are demanding a plan of action from the Biden administration to fix the baby formula shortages. Rep. Kat Cammack (R-Fla.) posted a video on Facebook in which she explained the administration is sending pallets of baby formula to detention facilities at the border while parents nationwide are unable to find any formula.

Congressional candidate in New York’s Third District, George Santos joined OAN’s Alicia Summers to discuss what the FDA is not telling you.

Alicia Summers: House Republicans are demanding a plan of action from the Biden administration to fix the baby formula shortages. Representative Kat Cammack posted a video on Facebook saying that the administration is actually sending pallets of baby formula to detention facilities at the border while parents nationwide are unable to find baby formula.

Joining me now to discuss the crisis and what the FDA is not telling you is George Santos, congressional candidate in New York’s third district. Hi, George. Thanks for being here.

George Santos: Hi. Thank you for having me.

Alicia Summers: We’ve seen parents panicking, worried that their babies may go hungry. This type of thing only happens in third world countries, right? So, what happened – or what is happening to the most prosperous nation in the world?

George Santos: You know, this is just more of the nonsense of the Biden administration, right? Here on Long Island in New York, we have Facebook groups called the Nassau County Formula Exchange. Moms and dads frantically exchanging samples and formula they found for the formula they need. This is reminiscent of Venezuela during the Chavez collapse. And I never thought that I’d be living to see something like this.

You know, I come from an immigrant background. My grandparents would tell the stories of stuff like this back in World War Two. I’m living this again. I mean, we’re the greatest economy in the world. And we’re struggling to produce food for our most vulnerable, which are our kids. It’s our future here. And the Biden administration refuses to address the issue. It’s almost reminiscent of… he does not care.

It plays into this whole Supreme Court ruling, that opinion that we just saw, in Roe v Wade. It’s almost like “Hey, since we can’t beat them there, maybe we’ll go up and just starve them.”

Alicia Summers: So, families are already paying over $5,000 more a year just to buy essentials due to the record high inflation, the supply chain crisis. Now, parents are being told they may have to wait weeks for baby formula while we’re seeing pictures of detention facilities stocked with formula. Representative Cammack said “This is what America last looks like.” Where’s Operation Warp Speed for our babies?

George Santos: Well, look, I’ll put it this way. This administration has made it very clear. Mayorkas is a colossal disaster. Kamala Harris is a colossal disaster. Joe Biden is a colossal disaster, but the administration at large is a colossal disaster because it was it all… they came together through affirmative action. You’re the first is, you’re the first that. I don’t care.

We don’t have qualified people running the United States of America. And we’re putting the interests of immigrants first and putting the interests of Americans last. When I’m looking at these pallets of formula, sitting in detention facilities for people who envaded United States sovereignty and actually came in this country illegally, I have no sympathy or empathy. They’ve made that choice.

They should be dealt with the same standard that we deal criminals because they committed a crime. I understand that there’s children amongst them and I’m a good person, and I believe in taking care of everybody and it’s a humanitarian crisis. But we don’t take away from our children who are struggling. Parents are struggling to find formula and give it to the children of those who are breaking our laws from day one in this country.

Biden should be held for contempt and neglect on not providing an operation warp speed type operation for our children. We’re starving young Americans. This is the future of our country. If we can’t get this right, we can’t get anything else right and that’s very disturbing. And this is a call to action from the members of Congress that I know. Kat Cammack is a great friend, a great representative. Hold him accountable, hold him to the fire until he fixed this issue.

This is the Biden supply chain collapse. The economy is in a downward spiral because Joe Biden is a failure. His cabinet is a failure. They were all appointed through affirmative action. And that is what happens when we do that.

Alicia Summers: Yeah. Meanwhile, furthermore, the administration is trying to speed up sending $30 billion to Ukraine. And what makes this even more astounding – where are the protesters in the streets and in front of homes like we saw after Roe v Wade, after the Supreme Court opinion was leaked?

George Santos: You know, it’s funny. They’re all quick to run and create chaos where there is no need for chaos. But where is the uproar when we’re spending an additional $30 billion in a sovereign nation. When, here, we’re talking our sovereignty is at risk. I want to see people upset that we’re taking money away from our kids, from our inner cities, from little boys and girls in cities like Chicago and Detroit and we’re sending it abroad. I understand there’s an issue and there’s a crisis in Ukraine. My grandparents were Ukrainian. I say this from first-hand experience. It hurts to see what happens there, but our priorities really need to be first and foremost with the American people. America first, not alone. But right now, we need to make sure that our needs are covered, our issues are taken care of, before we go and get involved in international conflict that we have little to no control.

And this money will essentially burn very, very quick because if there’s a big, expensive machine, it’s called war. We’re pouring gasoline into the fire, we’re not going to change one iota in the direction of the war, unfortunately. And I say that begrudgingly, but it’s the reality. We need to take care of our kids here. We’ve just added $30 billion more to the deficit.

That’s exactly what we did. Our debt number just grew in $30 billion because that $30 billion was not paid for, and there’s no plan to pay for it, and that is Joe Biden putting America last at every stance of his administration and his political agenda.

Alicia Summers: All right. You’re running for Congress. What would you do right now to help fix this fast?

George Santos: The first thing you have to do is you have to go in, hold Joe Biden, Mayorkas, Janet Yellen and Kamala Harris accountable. Impeachment, unfortunately, is the only solution to at least give us a blank slate to restart. We need a fresh restart so we can curb inflation, curb spending, and cut back on the invasion through our southern borders.

If we don’t stop the humanitarian crisis in the southern border of the United States, we’re not going to fix any of the other issues we have because they’re just adding to the expensive burden of the taxpayer cost in this country.

Alicia Summers: Last question. What is the FDA not telling us?

George Santos: The FDA is not telling us anything. The FDA has never told us anything. The reality is if that one thing 2020 served the purpose or was exposing the disingenuous behavior and the lack thereof of transparency by the FDA. The FDA puts back and recalls a ton of formula of brands and puts no plan in action to fix the shortage and the crisis it’s going to create – gives no remedy and leaves the American people stranded.

I have a niece. She’s not on formula, thankfully, but if you look at the way that this is progressing, it’s just going to get inherently worse because organizations like the FDA are not being held accountable. There’s nobody with checks and balances taking care of what needs to be taken care of. So, I call for a complete and absolute revamp – expungement of the FDA and start it from scratch, because what it has now is a bunch of bureaucrats who serve themselves and the pharmaceutical companies they have allegiances to and not the American people.

Alicia Summers: Good fix. You have a big job ahead of you if elected. Jorge Santos, thanks for your time today. Thank you.

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