You should consider the wonderful Buick Regal TourX if you’re shopping for a crossover

It looks much more expensive than its rivals, but the TourX starts at $29,070. That’s nearly $5,000 below the $33,995 starting price of the Buick Envision. Even our loaded tester, at $41,550, is priced far below where premium SUVs kick off.

Of course, there’s a debate to be had over whether the TourX is a premium product. If you’re judging purely on the driving experience, it makes a strong case. The TourX is well-damped and quiet where rubber meets pavement, with Buick playing to its specialty of whisper-quiet commuting. The transmission is smooth and smart, never making itself noticed and working hard to keep the 2.0-liter turbocharged four cylinder quiet. The Regal finds itself most at home on the highways, but it’s not flummoxed by the occasional corner. You feel in the corners that it’s heavy and long, but it isn’t uncontrolled or floppy.

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