You can buy Thanksgiving turkeys online, but do it early

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With Thanksgiving just weeks away, now is the time to order your holiday bird. In the past, you probably purchased your turkey at a grocery store or local farm. But these days, you may be missing out if you go that route. Buying your turkey online is not only easy but also a great way to discover a small farm, gourmet grocer or even a top restaurants across the country. We’re talking Williams Sonoma, Goldbelly, Harry & David and yes, even Amazon.

But know this: You’ll need to act fast. A number of our top turkey picks have sold out over just the last couple days — it’s already too late to shop certain brands. And supply chain issues are a concern this holiday as well, so the sooner you lock in your Thanksgiving or Christmas bird, the better. (Some brands offer turkey reservations, so you won’t need to keep the bird in your freezer for a month just to make sure you have one on the table.)

No matter what kind of turkey you’re looking for — raw, pre-cooked, smoked, deep fried, organic, cajun, pre-basted, whole, breast or turducken — there’s one still available for you online, ready to be shipped to your door. Make sure to read the fine print and plan ahead: Some turkeys need to be defrosted for several days.

CBS Essentials rounded up Thanksgiving turkeys and meals available to buy online.

Williams Sonoma Willie Bird turkey

Williams Sonoma

A cult favorite, Willie Bird super juicy free-range turkeys and meat products usually sell out at Williams Sonoma quite quickly. Choose from two sizes, 14 to 16 and 18 to 20 pounds. Pre-brined Willie Bird turkeys come in six sizes, from 10 to 22 pounds.

Williams Sonoma Willie Bird free range turkey, $150

Williams Sonoma Willie Bird pre-brined turkey, $130

Williams Sonoma Willie Bird stuffed breast

Williams Sonoma

Cooking for a small crowd? Williams Sonoma serves as the exclusive vendor for Willie Bird breasts, stuffed with savory sausage apple cranberry stuffing, and ready to pop in the oven. The 3-pound breast serves six to eight and the 5-pound, 10 to 12. 

Willie Bird stuffed turkey breast, $80 and up

Crowd Cow free-range turkey

Crowd Coa

For $40, enjoy a 10-pound, free-range, antibiotic- and hormone-free bird for eight to 10 people from online meat delivery marketplace Crowd Cow — neck and giblets included.

Free-range whole turkey (10 pounds), $40

D’Artagnan heritage turkey


If only the best suffices on Thanksgiving, order up a D’Artagnan heritage turkey, rare Narragansett and Bourbon Red breeds of the bird, that are raised on a grain-fed diet of non-GMO corn and soy. 

D’Artagnan heritage turkey (8 pound minimum), $166 

Butcherbox free turkey


ButcherBox, known for delivering humanely-raised meats to your doorstep, currently offers a great promo: New members who order their first box of 8 to 10 pounds of meat receive a free 10- to 14-pound turkey.

Harry & David turkey and stuffing Wellington

Harry & David

Gourmet food purveyor Harry & David offers a variety of Thanksgiving turkey options. An unconventional meal perfect for serving a small party? Turkey and stuffing Wellington, an already assembled version of the puff pastry dish, which cooks in 80 minutes. 

Harry & David turkey and stuffing Wellington (2 pounds), $60

Harry & David gourmet turkey feast

Harry & David

For a one-and-done Thanksgiving order, Harry & David offer an entire gourmet turkey feast. It includes a pre-cooked, ready-to-heat ,10-pound turkey, apple sausage stuffing, creamy Brussels sprouts with bacon, brown sugar sweet potatoes, pumpkin New York cheesecake, classic turkey gravy and spiced cranberry chutney. 

Harry & David gourmet turkey feast (with 10 pound turkey), $230

Blue Apron’s Thanksgiving feast

Blue Apron

Blue Apron makes cooking Thanksgiving easy with a number of cooking kit options. The traditional feast serves six to eight and includes butter-roasted turkey breast, homemade garlic and herb gravy, fresh cranberry sauce with ginger and spicy maple syrup, roasted Brussels sprouts with fried rosemary and pumpkin seeds, brown butter and fontina mashed potatoes with Romano cheese and chives, and apple crumb pie with warming spices and almonds. Blue Apron also offers add-ons and additional options for vegetarians.

Blue Apron’s Thanksgiving feast (serves 6-8), $110

Burgers’ Smokehouse hickory smoked whole turkey

Burgers’ Smokehouse/Amazon

Order your Thanksgiving turkey on Amazon. Yes, really. The online giant sells hickory-smoked birds from Burgers’ Smokehouse, starting at 8 pounds. 

Burgers’ Smokehouse hickory smoked whole turkey (8 pounds), $85

Burgers’ Smokehouse hickory-smoked, bone-in breast

Burgers’ Smokehouse/Amazon

For those wanting to order a white-meat-only, smoked turkey, this Burgers’ Smokehouse breast serves five to 10 people. Heat up the pre-cooked meat in just minutes.

Burgers’ Smokehouse hickory smoked bone-in-breast turkey, $70

Omaha Steaks whole basted turkey

Omaha Steaks

Considering a turkey from Omaha Steaks? Order now during the friends and family sale and save 50 percent on everything, including this whole, basted and ready-to-cook bird, which includes a cooking bag and pop-up timer. 

Omaha Steaks whole basted turkey (10 pounds), $95 (reduced from $190)

Goldbelly Gourmet Butcher Block Turducken


Turducken, a turkey stuffed with duck and chicken and layered with sausage stuffing and cornbread dressing, is a New Orleans classic. Order one straight from famed Big Easy butcher Gourmet Butcher Block, which created the cult favorite dish, on Goldbelly

Goldbelly Gourmet Butcher Block Turducken (17 pounds), $149

Uncle Ray’s Cajun deep-fried turkey 


Famed fried-turkey joint Uncle Ray’s serves up deep-fried turkey southern style in its Dallas eatery. Order up a 10- to 12-pound cajun style bird on Goldbelly for a southern-inspired holiday. You’ll be in for a treat when this 4.9-star rated bird arrives.

Uncle Ray’s Fried Turkey cajun deep fried turkey (10-12 pounds), $109

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