Why restarting Pennsylvania’s oil production is Dr. Oz’s ‘top priority’

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On “Mornings with Maria” Tuesday, Republican Senate nominee in Pennsylvania Dr. Mehmet Oz revealed the first issue he’d address in office, tackling what he claimed to be “the single biggest driver of inflation.”

According to the television health expert-turned-Senate-candidate, overturning President Biden’s moratorium on federal drilling and restarting Pennsylvania’s oil refineries holds as the “top priority.”

“Why would you shut down our ability to drill on federal lands? That’s where one-third of all of our energy is,” Dr. Oz told FOX Business’ Maria Bartiromo. “And by the way, those are our lands. Everyone can hear my voice right now: Those are our lands. We should be allowed to harvest energy.”

Dr. Oz called uncapping U.S. oil a national security imperative, and noted it contributes to a “bigger story here.”


“They’re fearful that some middle-level, unelected bureaucrats are going to pass some FERC law or regulation that’s going to shut them down,” Dr. Oz explained. “You cannot have pipelines shut down after hundreds of millions of dollars of investments. Nobody is going to invest if you make those decisions arbitrarily.”

Dr. Mehmet Oz speaks at a podium

Republican Senate candidate in Pennsylvania Dr. Mehmet Oz said restarting the state’s oil industry would be his “top priority” if elected, on “Mornings with Maria” Tuesday, June 21, 2022. (Getty Images)

The science and health expert further expressed America’s regulatory need to focus on fundamentals.

“Let me put my doctor, my scientist hat on – The Green New Deal scientifically cannot work, certainly in the way that it’s been written and the timeline articulated,” Dr. Oz said. “We can play science fiction down the road, and I want renewable energy sources; we all do. But in the meantime, to protect our environment, we need to get natural gas out of the ground.”


Dr. Oz, who pulled ahead of Republican contender David McCormick after a recount to win the Senate primary, argued Pennsylvania has an opportunity to fix record-high gas prices.

“In Pennsylvania, we’ve got lower energy prices, but it could be a ton lower, which would drop inflation and make us energy independent, providing us national security,” Dr. Oz said. 

“So, Joe Biden, pay attention to the science here. Make the right decision for our country by protecting our environment, at the same time, protecting our people.”


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