WATCH: Trump demands right to review FBI-seized materials

Transcript for Trump demands right to review FBI-seized materials

“A higher loyalty.” Tuy. President trump is also facing newrouble though from Cohen’s ce. Esident is now demanding the right T review material they seized as cohenpares to correspot Jonathan Karl more. Goodning. Reporter: Late last night the prent’s legal team fed an eighger with the court asking to see a the meal sized from Cohen by T FBI. They want to see it before the justdepartment sees it and the stakes here are incredibly high.the president’s legal team is concerned about what might be Cohen’s files than they are evenbout the Mueller investigatn. Th was a person, N, who for more than a decades the esident’s fixer one person close to the presi told ABC news, even before the se if there’s one person who can bring down the president I Michael Cohen and the president mself is furious about all of this, most recently ee, attorney/client privilege is now a thing the past. I many — too many lawyers and tare probably wondering when their offic even their homes are going be raided with everything, including theihones and computers taken. Cohen may come face-to-face W T porn star whort this. Stormy Daniels says she plans to be court today. Thank U. More now fro kellyanne Conway, she Joi uve from

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