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It is giving Tuesday. Last year close to $300 million were donated to charities. This year donations expected to top that. Rebecca Jarvis is back to show us how to stretch the value of our charitable donations. Good to see you. One big way to do it, work with your employer. A number of employees do a one-to-one employee match. If you’re giving $1, for every $1 you give they give an additional dollar. Our parent company does this. So you can stretch your dollars that way on giving Tuesday. They don’t just do it on giving Tuesday but year round and a number of charities on giving Tuesday in particular do a match so if you give today, you will give extra because someone else is lined up. Turbocharged. People don’t just have to give cash. You don’t have to give cash. Rewards from your airline points to your hotel points, even your credit cards cash back, a number of these programs will give to the charity of your choice. They make it easy and seamless. One big question, how do you make sure your money is going where it’s supposed to go? So important in our world today as people give more and more on social media. Fine to do that but you have to do your vetting if you’re giving through a gofundme campaign or Facebook. There are a number of great resources out there. One called charity navigator. Also guide star, places where you can go, to these websites and look at the charity and not only vet whether it’s real but also where is that money really going? And one of the benefits of giving, you can get a tax deduction. The irs website has a specific place where you go and type in the name of the charity, they will tell you whether you can actually make that a tax deductible gift. Giving Tuesday, thanks very much. All the information is on our website. We will be right back.

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