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And we are back now with a holiday shopping alert. Just ten business days — ten business shopping days left, and this is one of the busiest days before Christmas. Americans spending a record $80 billion online this holiday season alone. Our consumer correspondent Becky Worley has how we can protect ourselves from porch thieves. Porch pirates meet vigilantes. Whether it’s technology or new options for delivery, shoppers are fighting back. Reporter: The holidays racing closer with just ten business days to go until Christmas. It’s crunch time for online shopping if you don’t want to pay extra for shipping. The convenience of home delivery though coming with a downside. Porch pirates, box bandits like this little girl Maryland police are searching for, snagging loot in broad daylight. One study shows 26 million Americans, almost 8% of the U.S. Population falling victim to the crime. Enter retailers fighting back. Companies heavily promoting buy online, pick up in store options with consumers responding. According to aadobe, the practice is up since 2017. Making it more convenient, curbside pickup of those orders. Target expanding the service to over a thousand stores, meeting shoppers in the parking lot with their purchased items. Erin from Seattle has a plan. She places her order, heads to check out and in a few hours — Thank you for shopping with us. You bet. Enjoy your day. Reporter: And maybe even more convenient, Amazon delivering directly to your car’s trunk for prime members. This is for cars with remote entry lock systems like Chevys, gmcs and volvos. It’s currently in 27 cities including Boston and Denver. This could be the perfect solution for getting gifts safely stashed in your trunk even while you’re inside at work. That curbside pickup is one of the most compelling innovations for consumers. Stores like Nordstrom, target, the container store, Walmart, meijer, offering it in select cities and I have to tell you it’s like having a valet do your shopping for you. Someone who is currently searching for a missing package left on my doorstep, I like the sound of that. You have been tracking the deals. What are the best ones you have seen so far? There are definitely deals today. I saw the apple watch 3 with cellar service. This isn’t the latest, but it’s everything you need to make a phone call right from your watch. That’s $299, and $110 off list and $80 cheaper than I found it anywhere else online. There are really good steals out there today. You will be back in our next hour with what you should not buy today. Thanks, Becky. Are you okay? My package is missing. Christmas gifts. You don’t have a camera or anything? No, but now that America knows.

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