WATCH: Dog missing in New York City found in Florida

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Transcript for Dog missing in New York City found in Florida

We are back now with the highly anticipated homecoming for a long lost and well loved family pet, Sinatra, a blue-eyed husky. Please tell us about this story, Lara. Reporter: Good morning to you all, and if this Sinatra could carry a tune, oh, what a song he would sing about getting lost. About how the heck he got from New York to Tampa, Florida, and the best part about how after a year and a half of heartbreak, he is finally coming home to his family. When satra disappeared from his home in Brooklyn 18 months ago, his family was devastated, fearing he was lost for good. Little did they know, 1,200 miles away a miracle was under way. At my bus stop, and I saw this dog coming down the road. Reporter: No one knows how he did it, but somehow the 5-year-old blue-eyed husky made the journey south all the way to seffner, Florida and into the arms of rose. I checked with my mother and my sister, and my sister ran out and got him. Reporter: Rose and mom, Denise, used Sinatra’s chip to locate the owner, but the phone number was off by one digit so they turned to social media and found Sinatra’s owners, the Willis family at their home in Brooklyn. Then she described him and I was just elated that it was possibly him. Reporter: What made this all the more painful for the Willis family, Sinatra ran off shortly after 16-year-old Zain Willis passed away from a tragic gun accident. They loved each other. Reporter: Now a reunion is in the works for later today. Sinatra. He was really a great guest to have. I want to say thank you so much from myself and my family. We’re elated beyond measure. So rose and her mom did it their way. Never giving up. Sinatra left Florida last night, you guys. I have chills, driving through the night to Maryland. He’ll be back with his owners here in New York by tonight. Goodness. I know. He was supposed to come yesterday, but the travel with all the weather happening. He too got stuck in traffic. Sinatra will be home. Yeah. And the connection that Sinatra’s dad, because of their loss, very important. We’re so happy to have them reunited. We needed that this morning. Thank you.

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