WATCH: Boy Scouts of America to change name

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  • Now Playing: Boy Scouts of America will change an iconic name as girls enter older youth program

  • Now Playing: Military dad and unit learns cheerleading routine for daughter

  • Now Playing: Black men arrested at Starbucks settle with the company

  • Now Playing: Boy Scouts of America to change name

  • Now Playing: Manhunt for a neighbor sought in the murder of couple near Philadelphia

  • Now Playing: Major disaster averted for Air Canada airlines

  • Now Playing: New tornado threatening the heartland

  • Now Playing: Southwest flight forced to land due to cracked window

  • Now Playing: Bodycam footage of Las Vegas shooter’s hotel suite released by police

  • Now Playing: Former Obama White House staffer claims he was racially profiled while moving

  • Now Playing: Tornadoes and hail threaten multiple states in the Great Plains

  • Now Playing: Woman finds long-lost father thanks to DNA test

  • Now Playing: 5 dead after C-130 aircraft crashes in Georgia

  • Now Playing: NYPD under investigation over Weinstein probe

  • Now Playing: Manhunt for registered sex offender parolee in California

  • Now Playing: New law to take guns away from more domestic violence offenders

  • Now Playing: Meet the couple who won a dream Disney wedding

  • Now Playing: Amanda Knox opens up about social media and public shaming

  • Now Playing: Teen defends Chinese prom dress that sparked backlash

  • Now Playing: Fraternity members accused of hazing return to court

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