This Tesla Model S was converted into a hearse — and it’s for sale online for $200,000

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Are you thinking about buying a Tesla, but you wish the electric automaker’s vehicles had more of a … funereal aesthetic?

If so — or, if you’re a Norwegian funeral director looking to save money on gas — then you might want to check out a new listing in Norway for a Tesla Model S that’s been converted into a hearse. A posting on the Norwegian classified ads website Finn lists a 2018 Tesla Model S sedan that’s been converted into an all-electric hearse, complete with an extended rear cabin large enough to fit a casket.

The Tesla hearse, which is currently listed for sale for 1.99 million Swedish Krona (the equivalent of about $208,000 USD), was built by a 50-year-old Norwegian man named Jan Erik Naley, according to the Finn posting. Naley told a Norwegian auto website that the electric vehicle is actually the fourth Tesla he’s converted into a hearse, and he already sold the previous three versions.

(For a price comparison, in the U.S., the website sells used hearses like a 2018 Lincoln Federal Hearse, for up to $85,900, while a custom-built hearse from the likes of Rosewood Classic Coaches in Arkansas will reportedly cost up to $105,000.)

Photos of Naley’s creation can be found on the Finn posting as well as on the website for his business, Karmoy Bilsenter:

Source: Jan Erik Naley/Karmoy Bilsenter

Source: Jan Erik Naley/Karmoy Bilsenter

Naley says he’s spent several years converting all types of cars into hearses for local funeral homes, including hearses made from Mercedes-Benz and Cadillac SUVs. Two Norwegian funeral homes asked him about converting an electric Tesla into a hearse, he says, and the first one he designed took two years to complete. Naley adds that he works with an auto factory in the Netherlands to construct the vehicles.

Much of the work comes from cutting the car in half and extending it by more than 31 inches in length (to ensure there is room for a casket) while adding a wagon roof and rear door that opens into a totally remodeled interior. The inside walls of the Tesla hearse are heavily padded to accommodate the cargo, and the retractable interior floor can be extended out of the rear door to form a platform for loading a casket.

Source: Jan Erik Naley/Karmoy Bilsenter

Norwegian engineer Jan Erik Naley converted a Tesla Model S into a hearse, and it’s on sale for over $200,000 online.

Source: Jan Erik Naley/Karmoy Bilsenter

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