The best automatic pet feeders on Amazon and beyond

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You’ll never miss a pet’s meal time again with an automatic pet feeder. We found a number of top-rated automatic pet feeders, most under $100, that will feed your dog or cat even when you’re not at home.

Top products in this article

PetSafe programmable dog and cat feeder, $99

Wopet automatic pet feeder, $58 after coupon (reduced from $63)

Dogness automatic pet feeder, $85 (reduced from $100)

Pet feeders are a great option for making sure your pet is fed on time, no matter how busy life gets. When shopping for automatic pet feeders, it’s a good idea to pay attention to capacity. Many automatic pet feeders are designed for cats or small dogs, and may not hold enough kibble to provide multiple meals for large dogs.

Some automatic pet feeders have a battery backup. Others have more advanced features, such as app-based scheduling and built-in cameras you can access from your phone.

To help you find the best automatic pet feeder for your dog or cat, we’ve compiled the top-rated options below suitable for different budgets.

Best automatic pet feeders 

If you’re looking for an entry-level pet feeder, there are options available starting around $50. Expect to pay more for more features. 

Smart automatic feeder and water dish bundle


This Wayfair bundle includes an automatic pet feeder (3.7 liters) with a built in night-vision camera, plus a gravity-operated water dish. You can check the food levels and schedule feedings via a smartphone app. This feeder can be backed up via a USB power bank if power outages are a concern.

Smart automatic feeder and water dish bundle, $156 (reduced from $180)

Voluas automatic pet feeder


This automatic pet feeder (4 liters) allows pet owners to schedule one to four meals per day for their pets. It features an anti-clog design to prevent food from getting stuck. It also includes an easy-to-use LED panel where owners can adjust the settings.

Voluas automatic pet feeder, $54 after coupon (reduced from $80)

PetSafe programmable dog and cat feeder


This PetSafe programmable feeder holds up to 24 cups of food, and you can schedule up to 12 meals per day. It has a slow feed-option to gradually dispense food in small amounts if your pet has a habit of eating too quickly and getting sick. There is also a “feed now” option that lets users feed pets ahead of schedule.

PetSafe programmable dog and cat feeder, $99

Petlibro automatic cat feeder


The Petlibro automatic cat feeder features a stainless-steel feeding bowl and twist-lock lid. Owners can set automated feeding schedules and portion sizes. It plugs into the wall with a USB-C adapter and uses three D batteries as a backup power source. Available in 3-liter and 5-liter sizes.

Petlibro automatic cat feeder (3 L), $59 after coupon (reduced from $76)

Petlibro automatic cat feeder (5 L), $72 after coupon (reduced from $80)

Wopet automatic pet feeder


The Wopet automatic pet feeder is a large-capacity feeder that can hold 7 liters of dog or cat food. Owners can program the feeder to dispense up to four meals per day. Meals can be dispensed in as many as nine portions to encourage slower eating if needed. The device can also play a recorded voice message for your pet as it dispenses food.

Wopet automatic pet feeder, $58 after coupon (reduced from $63)

Dogness automatic pet feeder with smart camera


If you have a larger pet, consider the Dogness pet feeder. It holds 6.5 liters of dry food and has a generously sized bowl attached for bigger dogs. It also includes a camera that owners can access from their smartphones to check in on their pets at meal time and throughout the day. 

Dogness automatic pet feeder with smart camera, $130

Petoday automatic pet food dispenser


This 6-liter automatic pet-food dispenser can be scheduled for up to four meals per day. Pet owners can record a short voice message to play when food is dispensed. The feeder plugs in to the wall, and uses three D batteries as backup (lasts for up to two days).

Petoday automatic pet food dispenser, $55

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