We can’t be Kind-Of-Free

jason kraus

It was the early nineties and some of my teammates and I were in a van riding to a baseball game in Southern California.  I don’t remember how the conversation began but one of my teammates started in about no longer being black but rather an African-American. This was the […]

Liberals in La La Land

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Liberals before the Obama “red line” in Syria was enforced: “Trump is a misogynistic, racist, homophobic, bigot who was elected because of Vladimir Putin.” Liberals after: “The bombs are beautiful (cue Brian Williams), Mr. Trump is now our President. Vladimir who?” Liberals 24 hours later: “Trump is getting us into […]

Firing with both fists

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Courage is not assertion without fear. Courage is assertion in spite of fear and comes in many forms, shapes, and sizes. I was reminded of this a few days ago while having a conversation. The individual I was speaking with was making jokes after receiving yet another round of chemotherapy. […]

Protection or Politics

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Neil Gorsuch had a real opportunity. Senator Orrin Hatch, interestingly enough, walked the Supreme Court Nominee right into Marbury versus Madison.  Gorsuch could have spent a significant amount of time providing knowledge (assuming he had some) or at least both sides of the argument in the 1803 case. Instead he […]

Security starts at home

jason kraus

Decades ago I hired a friend of one of my employees. The corporation I worked for wanted growth and to grow more bodies were needed. The new hire was average at best but again the company wanted growth so I stuck with him. One morning it was brought to my […]

The Melting of the Snowflake

jason kraus

Russia! Russia! Russia! When did the Democratic Party become Jan Brady? Then again being a fictitious middle sister is dramatically better than factually being a part of La Raza, CAIR, BLM, or the Nation of Islam. The same Nation of Islam that called for the killing of all White People. […]

If you don’t know now you know.

jason kraus

One day in high school I was informed that someone I was already not a fan of made a derogatory comment about me and my family. The next day I found the individual in the hallway between classes and asked if they indeed did say this. Let’s just say it […]

Ninth Circuit Circus

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With all the insanity and illegality happening in the courts these days I thought it pertinent to again cover how our system works and doesn’t work. The idea of Democracy is to serve the majority which eventually leads to Tyranny. This is the culmination of Socratic Theory. A Republic or in […]