No Permission Needed

jason kraus

The survival of the human is a very simple thing to understand. Water, food, shelter, security. In that order. With water, food, and shelter handled security becomes the most important survival factor. Before men like Samuel Colt created weapons that could deal with multiple or larger attackers, most men and […]

Hammers Required

jason kraus 2

My life has always been pretty simple in regards to those who like to run their mouths or give me unsolicited advice. When something is said that I don’t like I tell the person to stop. If they do it again I invite them to deal with this issue in […]

Article 4 Section 4

jason kraus

I was recently having a conversation with an incredibly bright individual about western civilization (specifically Socratic Theory which was introduced through Plato’s Republic) and different types of government. A question was then asked of me which I answered. When I finished, a comment was made that my next column should […]

Rope Is Recyclable

jason kraus

It can be a truly bizarre thing to watch human behavior.  Millions of souls making decisions that go against their very survival. How do we change the “hearts and minds” of those who haven’t any heart and absolutely no mind? It is the curse of the “good” to have to […]

Freedom is up to you.

jason kraus

As this Presidential cycle comes to fruition I’ve heard and read ideas that have provoked thought, others that have been covered in pure ridiculousness and finally the rantings of disgustingly outright dishonesty. Sordid affairs, criminal collusion and the ignorance that allows this part of human behavior to occur, has been […]

Unless you’d prefer a noose

jason kraus

Last Sunday on Meet the Press, former Obama Advisor David Plouffe, called Donald Trump a psychopath. The moderator Chuck Todd (a Clinton supporter/apologist) jumped in and inquired as to the “fairness” of this statement, never mind it was false and certainly unprovable by the likes of Plouffe. Todd asked Plouffe […]

Fear has no place in the strong

jason kraus

Every action has a reaction. What seems to be the simplest of things can, will, and does open doors to life changing opportunities. But for this to happen an action must first take place. Life in general favors the willing. Those who engage freely leaving trepidation behind. Fear has no […]