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Fact or Fiction?

We have tried to find a resource to assist us in identifying and weeding out some of the “myth from truth”.

(note: please read with the understanding that information may not be deemed 100% accurate and is collected from 3rd party sources)

McCarthy Mischaracterizes Trump’s Response to Fuentes Meeting

Asked about Donald Trump’s dinner meeting attended by Nick Fuentes, a white supremacist, Rep. Kevin McCarthy claimed the former president “came out four times and condemned him.” That’s not accurate. Trump had repeatedly said he ...
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FDA Did Not Change Position on Ivermectin Use, Contrary to Online Claims

SciCheck Digest In response to a civil suit, lawyers for the Food and Drug Administration described the agency’s warnings about the unapproved use of ivermectin to treat COVID-19 as “recommendations.” Although that description doesn’t reveal ...
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Post Omits Paxlovid’s Ability to Protect Against Severe COVID-19, Death

SciCheck Digest Paxlovid, Pfizer’s COVID-19 antiviral pill, has been shown to prevent severe COVID-19 and death. An online post alleging the drug is a “fraud” and “should be taken off the market” neglects to mention ...
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Inaccurate TV Graphic Sparks Erroneous Claims of Election Fraud in Pennsylvania

Quick Take Social media posts falsely suggest there was fraud in the Pennsylvania gubernatorial race, citing a TV graphic that showed Republican State Sen. Doug Mastriano with nearly 500,000 more votes than Democratic Attorney General ...
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Bogus Theory Misinterprets FTX Support for Ukraine

Quick Take The bankruptcy of FTX, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, has sparked an unfounded claim that its former CEO had conspired with Ukraine and Democratic politicians to launder U.S. aid money. FTX ...
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Posts Misrepresent How Florida Arrived at Quick Election Results

Quick Take Florida law allows election officials to start counting early in-person and mail-in ballots before Election Day. But social media posts falsely claim Florida counted all of its more than 7 million votes in ...
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Ballot Processing Continues in Closely Watched States Amid Unfounded Claims of Fraud

Quick Take Close Senate races are underway in some states that have different laws regarding ballot deadlines and tabulation. But some high-profile Republicans — including former President Donald Trump — have suggested, without any evidence, ...
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Posts Falsely Claim to Show Hobbs in Arizona Election Tabulation Room

Quick Take An image shared on social media shows a woman with glasses and brown hair in an Arizona ballot tabulation room. The posts falsely identify the woman as Democratic gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs, who ...
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FactChecking Trump’s Bizarre Claim of Stopping DeSantis’ 2018 Election ‘From Being Stolen’

Former President Donald Trump claimed he “sent in the FBI and the U.S. Attorneys” to Broward County during the 2018 election to stop “ballot theft” and help Ron DeSantis become Florida’s governor. But a spokesman ...
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COVID-19 Vaccines Reduce, Not Increase, Risk of Stillbirth

SciCheck Digest There is no link between COVID-19 vaccination and an increased risk of stillbirth, despite such claims online. In fact, vaccination has been shown in multiple studies to reduce the risk of stillbirth by ...
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Bogus ‘Sharpiegate’ Claim Resurfaces in Pennsylvania Election

Quick Take Dominion voting machines have had no issues reading ballots filled out with Sharpie pens. But an Instagram video spread the false claim that ballots filled out with Sharpies could not be counted by ...
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Ballot Printer Delayed Maricopa Voting, Contrary to Unfounded Claims

Quick Take Tabulating machines at some polling locations in Maricopa County, Arizona, couldn’t process ballots during part of Election Day, though affected voters could leave their ballots in a secure box or go elsewhere to ...
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