Facts Check

Fact or Fiction?

We have tried to find a resource to assist us in identifying and weeding out some of the “myth from truth”.

(note: please read with the understanding that information may not be deemed 100% accurate and is collected from 3rd party sources)

FactChecking Trump’s ‘60 Minutes’ Interview

In a wide-ranging interview on CBS’ “60 Minutes,” President Donald Trump repeated several false and misleading claims, while putting a new twist on some of them: Trump falsely claimed Russia “wouldn’t be able to help me at all,” even if he had called Russia “to help me with an election” in 2016 ...
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No ‘World Record’ for Abortions

Q: Is it true that “pro-choice activist” Elena Travis has received a “world record” number of abortions? A: No. This story was made up by a satirical website. FULL ANSWER World News Daily Report, a self-described satirical website, published an article on Oct. 9, stating that a California woman received a record-breaking ...
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Misleading Ads from Leading GOP PAC

Congressional Leadership Fund, the highest-spending super PAC seeking to sway House races in the upcoming midterms, has been flooding TV airwaves around the country with ads attacking Democrats running in close races. But we found that some of those ads are misleading. In Ohio, a CLF ad misleadingly suggests that ...
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Americans for Prosperity

Political leanings: Conservative/Libertarian Spending target: Part of a network aiming to spend $400 million Americans for Prosperity is a “social welfare” organization that belongs to an influential network of politically active groups backed by Charles Koch, the libertarian billionaire owner of Koch Industries. In June, company officials announced that David Koch, ...
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Taking Pelosi Out of Context

Q: Did Nancy Pelosi describe how the Democrats use a tactic called the “wrap-up smear” to attack political opponents?  A: No. Pelosi was describing a tactic that she anticipated Republicans would use against her in 2018. Her remarks were taken out of context in a viral video.  FULL ANSWER A ...
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Video: Trump’s Medicare Op-Ed

CNN’s Jake Tapper this week looks at some of the numerous false and misleading claims that President Trump made in an op-ed that ran under the president’s name in USA Today: Trump falsely claimed that the Medicare for All Act would “take away benefits” from seniors. The plan calls for adding ...
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Trump’s Numbers October 2018 Update

Summary In the time Donald Trump has been in the White House: The jobless rate dropped to the lowest in nearly half a century, and the number of unfilled job openings hit a record high. Economic growth spurted to a 4.2 percent annual rate in the most recent quarter. Median ...
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Trump’s School Safety Funding Falsehood

At an event for law enforcement officials, President Donald Trump boasted that his administration recently provided “historic levels of funding to improve school safety” and “hire more officers” through the newly created STOP School Violence Act. But the new law does not fund school safety at “historic levels.” An omnibus ...
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FactChecking Trump’s Medicare Op-Ed

In an op-ed for USA Today, President Donald Trump made a series of false and misleading statements about Medicare and health insurance in general: The president claimed that the Medicare for All Act, one of several Democratic-sponsored health insurance bills, would “cost an astonishing $32.6 trillion during its first 10 years.” ...
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Health Care Spin in Tennessee

A Democratic TV ad in the Tennessee Senate race spins the facts on votes that Rep. Marsha Blackburn cast on health care: The ad claims she voted in 2012 “to give members of Congress health care for life.” In fact, lawmakers already had received a health insurance retirement benefit. There was ...
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Bogus Booker Quote Lifted from Satirical Story

Q: Did Sen. Cory Booker say he’s “sick and tired of the Constitution … manipulating everything we do”? A: No. That viral quote was lifted from a satirical story. FULL ANSWER The satirical Christian website the Babylon Bee poked fun at Senate Democrats in a June story about lawmakers’ supposed ...
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Doctored Image Takes Aim at Stacey Abrams

Q: Is the Muslim Brotherhood “backing” Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams? A: No. There is no evidence to support that claim, posted in a viral, manipulated image. FULL ANSWER A doctored image of Stacey Abrams shows the Democratic candidate for governor in Georgia holding a sign that labels herself a ...
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