DOJ Inspector General report on handling of Clinton email probe released — live updates

Why was “extremely careless” and not “grossly negligent” used?

The FBI has already been criticized by some for the decision to describe Clinton’s use of her email server as “extremely careless” instead of “grossly negligent,” as was originally suggested.

The OIG report says Lisa Page did have some issue with the phrase “grossly negligent,” suggesting it had legal connotations.

“‘I was concerned that it would be confusing if we used a…term that has a legal definition…if we say she’s grossly negligent, that despite the fact that we, we and the department had a good reason to not charge her with gross negligence, given the fact that they thought it was unconstitutionally vague, and it had never been done, and, you know, sort of all of the concomitant defenses that would also follow from, from her conduct, that it would just be overly confusing,” Page stated.

The report further added, “According to Comey, they tried to capture the sense that her use of the private server was ‘really sloppy, but it doesn’t rise to the level of prosecution.'”

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