America’s career coach on how to ‘level up’ in an ‘uncertain’ job market

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Despite a troubled macroeconomic landscape, ‘America’s career coach’ points to a “warm” job market that’s offering opportunities to “level up” in an uncertain economy.

“We are now in six straight months of 11+ million jobs being available, 11.3, the latest number. That’s almost double what the job-seeking unemployed number is, so it’s still a tremendous opportunity,” Ken Coleman told FOX Business’ Maria Bartiromo Wednesday. “We still see wages rising. It’s still a very competitive market where companies are in an all-out war for talent, looking for people.”

On “Mornings with Maria,” the bestselling author detailed a positive outlook for employees considering changing positions.

“There’s been a lot of confidence for people to say, ‘Hey, you know what, I’m going to level up.’ And we’re seeing an average of about 14% pay increase when people change jobs,” Coleman said.


With many companies scrambling to figure out how to retain employees amid the “Great Resignation,” Coleman explained workers are now more likely to leave their jobs when there’s no growth opportunity.

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America’s career coach Ken Coleman says the current job market present “tremendous opportunity” for employees on “Mornings with Maria” Wednesday, July 27, 2022. (iStock)

“They don’t feel like they’re being trained or developed and then given opportunities to advance,” the career coach said. “And so that’s a striking piece of data because it’s always been compensation and then meaningful work in the one and two slot [respectively].”

Coleman issued a warning to employers that Americans don’t necessarily want better jobs, but, rather, a better life.

“They want an opportunity to grow and advance, and if you aren’t developing them and then showing them a ladder for growth, they’re going to look elsewhere and probably leave you,” he cautioned.


Despite the tech industry’s recent hiring freeze, which Coleman said he doesn’t believe is a “massive trend” overshadowing the jobs market, the career coach pointed to project management and computer programming fields as being the fastest-growing industries. Coleman also noted that LinkedIn data shows growing demand for marketing analysts, phlebotomists, bookkeepers and veterinarians.

“When you see this list right here on the screen, what does that show you? It shows you that there are still a lot of jobs,” Coleman said. “So there’s still opportunity across the board. You just got to go look for it.”


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