A look inside 10 places that are in the running for America’s best public restroom

There’s an award for everything – even the title of America’s Best Restroom.

This year, ten public loos around the U.S. will compete for the title, featuring special features like disco balls, fresh flowers, classical music and elaborately decorated walls.

The annual competition draws attention to public restrooms that are super clean, visually appealing, innovative and uniquely designed. It also suggests that spending time, attention and money on restrooms can be its own reward.

“No matter the industry, public restrooms have a significant impact on customers’ overall perception of your business and their inclination to return,” said Sean Mulcahey, marketing manager at Cincinnati-based Cintas, the cleaning supply and services company that hosts the annual contest.

“The contest highlights the role clean restrooms play in elevating a good business into a great one,” he added.

Through September 18, the public is invited to vote on which of this year’s ten finalists will take the throne as 2018’s top restroom. The prize: $2,500 in restroom cleaning services, along with bathroom bragging rights.

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